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Bar Services

Bar services are available to complement our catered event packages.

Stand-alone bar services are not available.

Bar Service Pricing 

  • Bar Supplies: $6.50 per guest  (minimum 50 guests)
  • Bar Setup Fee: $100 
  • Bartender Fee: $65 per hour (includes 2 hours of bar service, plus 1 hour of setup & 1 hour of teardown)
  • Plus the cost of the alcohol. Note: We only transfer the cost of alcohol used at your event. We do not upsell drinks. 

Bar Service Details

Cash bars are not permitted.

We do not offer mixed drinks (only beer & wine).

All event beverages must be provided by Campus Catering. Outside beverages will be confiscated by a member of Campus Catering staff.

Special requests for selections not available in our standard inventory may be subject to a restocking fee of not less than $100.

Your group is required to procure an AD 18 through PSU Risk Management. The AD18 form (Permission to Possess/Use Alcoholic Beverages) can be found on the Corporate Controller website. Campus Catering will not provide any bar service unless we are in receipt of this approved form. We highly recommend that you give yourself a minimum of 3-4 weeks prior to your event for the form to be processed.

Campus Catering requests an on-site contact person from your group be designated for every event. This person should be authorized to act, in all instances, on behalf of the entire organization or group holding the event.

As a standard, events with under 100 guests require one bar setup and bartender. Events with more than 100 guests may require additional bartenders and bars. 

Bartenders will card any guest ordering alcohol that they deem to appear under the age of 30 in accordance with Pennsylvania law. Additionally, bartenders may card any other guest ordering beverages if they feel it is appropriate. Guests may be carded multiple times throughout an event, particularly if there is more than one bar station or bartender on duty.

For events with 100 or fewer guests, the conclusion of bar services will take place 15 minutes before the scheduled end time of the event for the safety of all invited guests. For events over 100 guests, the conclusion of bar services will take place 30 minutes before the scheduled end time of the event.

Campus Catering reserves the right to shut down an event bar for any reason to ensure the safety of guests, property, or University reputation.